b'LAMPSHADE FABRICS LIGHT OUTPUTLININGSWhen choosing your beautiful lampshade, have a think aboutSilk or Satin linings are a lovely way to customise design and the lining. Our trademark Cream card provides a subtle glow butoffer a softer alternative to card linings. From bright and practical neednt be the only option.to muted and atmospheric, all our fabrics can be interchanged IVORY SILK OPAL VELVET CHALK LINEN DOVE SATIN NATURAL SILK PIDGEON SATIN Elegant Champagne card emits a warm light, and limits thebetween inner linings and external fabrics. contrast between outer and lining colours.Each lampshade photographed below has been made in Putty silk, Gold and Silver card both block out the light through the body ofthe only difference being the linings used. Its interesting to see the the shade, and bounce the light around the inside of the shade andvery varied effects that can be achieved by changing the lining. above and below. Gold has a rich and warm colouring, with SilverDo contact us for swatches and advice.providing a cooler, more contemporary light.STEEL VELVET SILVER SILK PUTTY SILK TAUPE SILK WOLF SILK BONE LINENNATURAL LINEN GHOST SILK LINEN HUSK LINEN WREN SATIN PAPYRUS SILK LINEN OAT LINENWHISPER SILK LINEN PEAT SATIN VOLE VELVET MANILLA SILK SMOG SILK LINEN PLATINUM SILKPUTTY SILK WITHPUTTY SILK WITHPUTTY SILK WITH PEARL SILK ROSE SMOKE SILK LINEN HINT SATIN DUSK VELVET SPICE ROSE SILK LINEN WARM GREY SATIN CREAM CARD LINING CHAMPAGNE LINING CLEAR LININGSAFFRON SILK OCHRE VELVET JASPER SATIN TURMERIC SILK LINEN BURNT ORANGE SATIN CHUTNEY VELVETZEST COTTON BAY SILK KHAKI COTTON MOSS SILK LINEN ASPARAGUS SATIN BLUE GRASS SILK LINENPUTTY SILK WITHPUTTY SILK WITH MANILLA LINING WOLF LININGALPINE SATIN TEAL SATIN PETROL SATIN CHARCOAL SILK TRUFFLE SILK ZINC SATIN CARD LININGSBLACK SATIN OXFORD SILK OCEAN VELVET NAVY SILK LINEN NIGHTSHADE SILK LINEN BLACK SILK CREAM CARD LINING CHAMPAGNE CARD LINING PEWTER CARD LINING SILVER CARD LINING GOLD CARD LINING8 9'