b'2 LILLE WALL LIGHT TWL71 2 3 CRUSH WALL LIGHT TWL69HEIGHT460mm18HEIGHT260mm101 / 4WIDTH127mm5WIDTH200mm73 / 4PROJECTION190mm71 / 2PROJECTION125mm5BACKPLATE DIMENSIONSBACKPLATE DIMENSIONS H 135mm (51 / 4 ) x W 115mm (41 / 2 ) H 150mm (6) x W 115mm (41 / 2 )Technical data sheet available Technical data sheet availableFINISHESFINISHES 230mm 230mm1 Burnt Silver/2 Versailles Gold 1 Bronzed/2 Scratched Gold/3 Scratched SilverCustom finishes available Custom finishes available130mm 130mmSee page 11 for details See page 11 for detailsCONSTRUCTED FROMCONSTRUCTED FROM Fixing Point Fixing PointSteel and brass with decorative finish Copper and steel with decorative finishNET WEIGHT1.2kg23 / 4lb NET WEIGHT1.1kg21 / 2lb LAMPSHADE5 Tall CylinderMAX WATTAGE 1 x 40W5 x 5 x 113 / 4127mm x 127mm x 299mmLAMP 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule VOLTAGE 220-240 VMAX WATTAGE2 x 25WLAMP2 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule VOLTAGE220-240 VB-TWL69 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule 1, Burnt Silver with Putty silk shadePorta Romana Limited 1, BronzedPorta Romana Limited2 3 RING WALL LIGHT TWL70 2 TRAILING BLOSSOM WALL LIGHTTWL68HEIGHT 315mm121 / 2WITH SHADE 415mm161 / 4 HEIGHT510mm20 WIDTH180mm7WITH SHADE570mm221 / 4WITH SHADE254mm10WIDTH250mm10 PROJECTION110mm41 / 4WITH SHADE356mm14 80mm 450mmBACKPLATE DIMENSIONSPROJECTION155mm680mm Fixing PointDiameter 115mm (41 / 2 )BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS Technical data sheet available Diameter 115mm (41 / 2 )Fixing PointFINISHESTechnical data sheet available1 Bronzed/2 Decayed Silver/3 French BrassCustom finishes available FINISHES See page 11 for details 1 Decayed Silver/2 White Gold with Glass detailCONSTRUCTED FROMCustom finishes availableForged steel with decorative finish See page 11 for detailsNET WEIGHT0.9kg2lb CONSTRUCTED FROM Forged steel with decorative finish and glassLAMPSHADE10 Open Back Empire 260mmBase 10 x 5, NET WEIGHT0.9kg2lbTop 8 x 4, Slope 91 / 2 254mm x 127mm, LAMPSHADE14 Semi Cylinder203mm x 102mm, 241mm14 x 6 x 71 / 2G S P M A TAHLT SL ALTERNATIVE SHADE103 / 4Semi Oval356mm x 152mm x 191mmGMAX WATTAGE1 x 25WMAX WATTAGE1 x 25WLAMP1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 CapsuleLAMP1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule VOLTAGE220-240 V VOLTAGE220-240 V TS H I L L L WALEI ADL/LME B-TWL70 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 CapsuleB-TWL68 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 CapsulePorta Romana LimitedT PW L U C S 1, Bronzed with Natural linen shade 1, Decayed Silver with Putty silk shadePorta Romana Limited100 101'