b'1 BLOSSOM WALL LIGHT TWL48 2 LLAMA WALL LIGHT TWL45HEIGHT410mm161 / 4 HEIGHT335mm171 / 2WIDTH170mm63 / 4 WITH SHADE449mm193 / 4PROJECTION105mm41 / 4WIDTH50mm2 WITH SHADE152mm6 BACKPLATE DIMENSIONSPROJECTION200mm73 / 4 H 300mm (113 / 4 ) x W 115mm (41 / 2 )BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS Technical data sheet available H 155mm (6) x W 50mm (2)FINISHESTechnical data sheet available205mm 205mm1 Decayed Silver/2 White Gold with Glass detailFINISHES Custom finishes available1 Decayed Gold/2 Decayed SilverSee page 11 for detailsCustom finishes available 425mm 75mm 110mm 690mmCONSTRUCTED FROMSee page 11 for detailsFixing PointForged steel with decorative finish and glassCONSTRUCTED FROM NET WEIGHT0.8kg13 / 4lb Cast composite and brass with decorative finishNET WEIGHT1kg21 / 4lbLAMPSHADE61 / 2Open Back Oval 61 / 2x 41 / 4x 16LAMPSHADE6 Fez 165mm x 108mm x 406mm6 x 51 / 2x 6 152mm x 140mm x 152mm Fixing Point Fixing PointMAX WATTAGE2 x 25W ALTERNATIVE SHADE7 Top Hat LAMP2 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 CapsuleMAX WATTAGE1 x 40W VOLTAGE220-240 V LAMP1 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 Candle VOLTAGE220-240 VB-TWL48 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 CapsuleB-TWL45 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule 2, White Gold with Putty silk shadePorta Romana Limited 1, Decayed Gold with Asparagus satin shadePorta Romana Limited1 2 MIRO WALL LIGHT TWL47 2 YVES WALL LIGHT TWL39HEIGHT750mm291 / 2 HEIGHT750mm291 / 2WITH SHADE935mm363 / 4WITH SHADE810mm32 WIDTH220mm83 / 4 WIDTH173mm63 / 4WITH SHADE305mm12WITH SHADE406mm16 PROJECTION127mm5 PROJECTION152mm6245mm 690mmBACKPLATE DIMENSIONSBACKPLATE DIMENSIONS 1 2 Diameter 115mm (41 / 2 )Fixing PointDiameter 115mm (4 / )Technical data sheet available Technical data sheet availableFINISHES FINISHES1 Burnt Silver/2 White Gold 1 Bright Gold/2 Burnt Silver/3 French Brass Left and Right (pictured) options availableCustom finishes availableCustom finishes available See page 11 for details See page 11 for detailsCONSTRUCTED FROMCONSTRUCTED FROM Forged steel with decorative finish Forged steel with decorative finishNET WEIGHT2.7kg6lb NET WEIGHT1.6kg31 / 2lb LAMPSHADE16 Tall Semi Cylinder LAMPSHADE12 Open Back Miro16 x 6 x 9 12 x 5 x 13406mm x 152mm x 229mm G S P M A TAHLT SL 305mm x 127mm x 330mmGMAX WATTAGE1 x 40WMAX WATTAGE1 x 25WLAMP1 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 Candle LAMP1 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 CandleVOLTAGE220-240 V TS H I L L L WAVOLTAGE220-240 VLEI ADL/LME B-TWL47 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 CapsuleB-TWL39 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule T PW L U C S 3, French Brass with Putty silk shadePorta Romana Limited 1, Burnt Silver with Natural silk shadePorta Romana Limited108 109'