b'1 LARGE TAPERING WALL LIGHT 2 CROSS ARM WALL LIGHT TWL04TWL16LHEIGHT 200mm73 / 4HEIGHT640mm251 / 4 WITH SHADE 301mm12 WITH SHADE870mm341 / 4 WIDTH240mm91 / 2WIDTH60mm21 / 4 WITH SHADE 378mm15 WITH SHADE102mm4PROJECTION 148mm53 / 4 362mm 508mm 124mm 476mmPROJECTION190mm71 / 2 BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS BACKPLATE DIMENSIONSDiameter 100mm (4)H 80mm (31 / 4 ) x W 60mm (21 / 4 ) Technical data sheet availableTechnical data sheet availableFINISHES Fixing Point 230mmFINISHES1 Ebony and Gold/2 Italian Rust and Gold1 Burnished Silver/2 Italian Rust Custom finishes availableCustom finishes available See page 11 for detailsSee page 11 for detailsCONSTRUCTED FROM CONSTRUCTED FROMSteel with decorative finishSteel with decorative finishFixing PointNET WEIGHT0.8kg13 / 4lbNET WEIGHT1.15kg21 / 2lbLAMPSHADE 2 x 51 / 2Fez LAMPSHADE4 Tall Cube51 / 2x 41 / 4x 51 / 490mm4 x 4 x 10138mm x 108mm x 133mm 102mm x 102mm x 254mm MAX WATTAGE2 x 25WMAX WATTAGE1 x 25W LAMP1 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 CandleLAMP 2 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 Candle VOLTAGE220-240 V VOLTAGE220-240VB-TWL16L - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule 2, Italian Rust with Dove satin shadePorta Romana Limited 1, Ebony and Gold with Natural linen shadesPorta Romana Limited2 3 NICOLAS WALL LIGHT TWL15 MARLIN BATHROOM WALL LIGHTBWL04HEIGHT530mm203 / 4WITH SHADE600mm231 / 2 HEIGHT235mm91 / 4WIDTH310mm121 / 4 WITH SHADE330mm13 WITH SHADE356mm14WIDTH125mm5 PROJECTION152mm6 WITH SHADE165mm61 / 2BACKPLATE DIMENSIONSPROJECTION108mm41 / 4 Diameter 115mm (41 / 2 )BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS Technical data sheet available H 104mm (4) x W 60mm (21 / 4 )Fixing Point 230mmFINISHESTechnical data sheet available1 Antiqued Brass/2 Nickel/3 Bronzed FINISHES CONSTRUCTED FROMPerspex with NickelNickel plated brass, patinated or decorative brassCONSTRUCTED FROM NET WEIGHT1.6kg31 / 2lb Cast Perspex with nickel plated brass and steelLAMPSHADE14 Semi CylinderNET WEIGHT2.1kg43 / 4lb14 x 6 x 71 / 2356mm x 152mm x 191mmLAMPSHADE61 / 2Open Back Marlin S P Fixing Point Corridor shade available 61 / 2x 41 / 4x 51 / 2(See page 11 for details) 165mm x 108mm x 140mm MAX WATTAGE1 x 25W MAX WATTAGE1 x 25W M A LAMP1 X 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule100mmVOLTAGE220-240 V LAMP1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule G TAHLT SL VOLTAGE220-240 V TS G H I L WALEI ADL/LME B-TWL15 - 1 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule L LT PW L U C S 1, Antiqued Brass with Putty silk shade Designed by Nicolas AubagnacPorta Romana Limited Perspex with Dove satin shadePorta Romana Limited114 115'