b'BESPOKE LEAF CEILING LIGHT1000 x 500QUANTITY 2 BESPOKE LEAF CEILING LIGHT1000 x 500QUANTITY 2 PRODUCTION DRAWINGS TO FOLLOWx 4 LAMPHOLDERS 500 mm MAX HEIGHT 1000 mm PRODUCTION DRAWINGS TO FOLLOWTOP CEILING ROSE x 4 LAMPHOLDERSBESPOKE LEAF CEILING LIGHT500 mm MAX HEIGHT1000 x 500 FRONT RIGHTQUANTITY 21000 mmPERFORATED DIFFUSER FLEXES CUSTOMISATION CEILING ROSE TOPUK AND EUROPE DATA SHEET TABLE LAMPSMost table lamps are wired with Silver, Brown or Charcoal silk flex. Some pieces have colour co-ordinated flex. You have the ability to specify the length of flex required. Flex colours, along with lamp holders, are interchangeable upon request.TWL91LEAF WALL LIGHTBRAIDED FABRIC FLEXHEIGHT1390mm 54 3/4NET WEIGHT4.5kg9 1/2 lb WITH SHADEN/A N/A WIDTH1 87 0 mmLAMPSHADEN/A WITH SHA DN NE/A/A1 14NPROJ 1E/4CT I O0mm ROSIER BLACK ROSIER BLUE ROSIER GREY ROSIER RED ROSIER YELLOW BACKPLATE DIMENSIONSMAX WATTAGE4 X 25WDiameter 120mm (4 3/4) LAMP4 X G9 Halogen bulb CONSTRUCTED FRO MVOLTAGE220 - 240 VTWISTED SILK FLEX GIVING YOU MORE CHOICE RIGHTFRONT FORGED STEEL WITH DECORATIVE FINISHcPorta RomanaBOTTOMDesigned by Andrew & Sarah Hills Increasingly, we see the need to allow our customers to adapt BLACK BROWN CHARCOAL GREEN RED SILVER products to suit their own requirements. Our dedicated team can work with you to create a piece tailored to your scheme, which BACKPLATE DETAILPERFORATED DIFFUSERcPORTA ROMANA 2015 allows for the adaptation of an existing design. We can change the CEILING LIGHTS proportions and finishes of many pieces, from ceiling lights and Ceiling lights are also supplied with colour co-ordinated flex. consoles to lampshades. BRAIDED FLEXIn addition, we offer a Bespoke service that enables us to make more significant changes to our designs, for example, transforming a wall light into a ceiling light. A bespoke project is always approached on a collaborative basis with our creative and technical experts, working ROSIER BLACK FABRIC ROSIER GREY FABRIC BROWN SILK CHARCOAL SILK CREAM SILK GOLD SILKclosely with the client from the outset, we will always provide a drawing, estimate and timescale. GREY SILK NICKEL PLATED PRODUCTION DRAWINGS TO FOLLOWTo discuss any custom or bespoke enquiries, please call our team on +44 (0)1420 23005 who will be delighted to help FLOOR LAMPSFloor lamps are also supplied with colour co-ordinated flex.BOTTOMBRAIDED FLEX x 4 LAMPHOLDERScPORTA ROMANA 2015 BROWN SILK PLATINUM SILK 500 mm MAX HEIGHTDimensions and weights are provided as a guide. All Porta Romana Products are made by hand and variations can occur in some products.The products you are buying or marketing are exclusive designs belonging to Porta Romana. Please do not submit design sheets featuring our products to otherBespoke Leaf chandelier, a design adapted from the Leaf wall light.manufacturing companies nor to other parties who might. Any manufacturer found to be reproducing Porta Romana products will be breaching copyright laws and as members of ACID we actively pursue infringement of these laws.10 11 PORTAROMANA.CO.UK Porta Romana 20131000 mm TOP CEILING ROSE FRONT RIGHTPERFORATED DIFFUSER BOTTOMcPORTA ROMANA 2015'