b'15. INDEX Adam Lamp, Large, GLB21L 41 Covex Wall Light, Large, TWL92L .93 Gertrude Mirror, Small, WM47S 177Leaf Wall Light, Large, TWL91L .94Adam Lamp, Small, GLB21S 40Covex Wall Light, Small, TWL92S 92 Gertrude Mirror, Large, WM47L 177 Leaf Wall Light, Small, TWL91S 93Agnes Lamp, VLB67 .59Cow Wall Light, TWL78 .98 Giacometti Bed End Bench, CSB03 167 Library Wall Light, SWL06 .120Alberto Oval Drum Table, CST13 165 Crater Mirror, WM42179 Giacometti Coffee Table, CFT01 .158 Lilburn Wall Light, Large, TWL63L103Alfonse Floor Lamp, MFL29L 76 Crawfod Chandelier Small, MCL67S .126 Giacometti Console Table, Large, CCT01L .156 Lilburn Wall Light, Small, TWL63S 102Arc Floor Lamp, MFL46.72 Crawfod Chandelier, MCL67 126 Giacometti Console Table, Small, CCT01S 156 Lille Floor Lamp, MFL43 73Asante Wall Light, TWL113 .88 Cross Arm Wall Light, TWL04 .115 Giacometti Leaf Lamp - Nickel base, VLB01NB .68 Lille Lamp, SLB62 .49Atticus Lamp, VLB66 60 Cross Braced Bulkhead, MCL32 .139 Giacometti Leaf Lamp - Slate base, VLB01SB 68 Lille Wall Light, TWL71 100Aurelia Mirror, WM51 .175 Cross Braced Ceiling Light, MCL12 146 Giacometti Side Table, CST01 165 Lilypad Nest of Tables, CST43 .161Avocado Lamp, Large, GLB33L 38 Cross Braced Floor Lamp, SFL12 .78Giacometti Stool, CSB01 .167 Llama Wall Light, TWL45109Avocado Lamp, Small, GLB33S 37 Crush Wall Light, TWL69 .101 Giraffe Lamp, SLB54 .52 Lollipop Chandelier, Extra Small, MCL20XS .141Baby Library Wall Light, SWL07 120 Crystal Strata Column Lamp, GLB17 .42 Gourd Lamp, GLB2739 Lollipop Chandelier, Large, MCL20L141Baobab Lamp, CLB2124Crystal Strata Lamp, GLB16 .42 Grace Lamp, CLB29 23 Lollipop Chandelier, Short, MCL20S 141Barbara Lamp, VLB63 .61Danseur Lamp, VLB52.66 Hall Sofa, USF05 171 Luca Chandelier, MCL36 137Bark Mirror, WM49 .176 Daphne Floor Lamp, WFL07 81 Halley Wall Light, TWL84 .97 Luca Wall Light, TWL88 .96Beatrice Wall Light, TWL74 99 Droplet Lamp, GLB63 .33 Hardy Lamp, VLB61 .62 Luna Pendant, MCL50 132Bedside Wall Light, SWL05 121 Duck Feet Lamp, VLB20 66 Hardy Mirror, WM46 178 Malleate Centre Table, CRT05 .158Bentley Wall Light, SWL08 .119 Duke Table Lamp, SLB69 .48 Harry Desk Lamp, SLB59 .50 Malleate Side Table, CST41 161Bianca Chandelier, MCL19 .142 Dumpling Lamp, GLB58 35 Hedgehog Lamp, GLB67 31 Man 3 Floor Lamp, VFL05 .80Big Bang Lamp, GLB65 .32 Echo Wall Light, TWL111 88 Hive Coffee Table, CFT13 .157 Man/Woman 1 Lamp, VLB05 .67 Big Bang Lantern, MCL39 .135 Edith Wall Light, TWL118 .85Hive Console Table, CCT38 149Margot Mirror, WM48176Bishop Lamp, GLB79 28Elephant Lamp, VLB56 65 Holden Floor Lamp, WFL09 .80 Marlin Bathroom Wall Light, BWL04 115 Blob Lamp, GLB31 39 Elliptical Miro Console Table, CCT33 150 Holden Table Lamp Small, WLB35S .47 Marlowe Lamp, CLB46 17Blossom Chandelier, Large, MCL18L .144 Ellory Pendant Plaster Small, MCL69S 125 Holden Table Lamp Large, WLB35L .47 Matchstick Wall Light, TWL64 102Blossom Chandelier, Small with Shade, MCL18S 143 Ellory Pendant Plaster Large, MCL69L 125 Holden Wall Light. TWL119 .85 Maudie Lamp, VLB68 .59Blossom Chandelier, Small without Shade, MCL18S .143 Emperor Bathroom Wall Light, BWL01 117 Honeycomb Console Table, CCT35 .149 Medici Piccolo Wall Light. TWL77S 98Blossom Wall Light, TWL48 108Ephrussie Console Table, Large, CCT21L.153 Honeycomb Side Table, CST34 .163 Metal Curl Wall Light, TWL57 105Bronte Wall Light, TWL122 .83 Erno Lamp, VLB62.62 Huck Wall Light Small, TWL120S 84 Metal Strip Wall Light, TWL61 .103Bronte Pendant, MCL72 .123 Escher Wall Light, TWL82L 97 Huck Wall Light Large, TWL120L84 Meteor Lamp, Small, GLB68S .31Boubl Lamp, CLB11 24Eva Mirror, WM50.175 Husk Lamp, CLB31 .23 Metropolis Lamp, VLB55 .65Cabochon Lamp, GLB59 .34 Fig Table, CST25 .164 Husk Lamp Large, CLB43 18 Mini Orbit Pendant, MCL55 .131Cardinal Lamp, GLB72 30 Fishtail Console Table, Large, CCT10L .154 Hydra Floor Lamp, MFL41 .74 Miro Centre Table, Large, CRT04L 159Chenille Lamp, Small, GLB64S 33 Fishtail Console Table, Small, CCT10S 154 Ianthe Lamp, CLB38 20 Miro Centre Table, Small, CRT04S .159Chianti Lamp, GLB13 .43 Fitzgerald Small, GLB81S 27 Icicle Bathroom Wall Light, BWL02.116 Miro Chandelier, MCL22 .140Chloe Wall Light, TWL90 .94 Fitzgerald Large, GLB81L 27 Infinity Mirror, WM41 .179 Miro Console Table, CCT28.152Cirque Lamp, SLB60S .50 Flask Lamp, CLB4119Ivy Mirror, WM40 180 Miro Drum Table, CRT03 .160 Clive Sofa, USF07.170 Florence Chandlier, MCL73 .123 Ivy Shadow Chandelier, Large, MCL37L 136 Miro Lamp, SLB44 .54 Cocoon Pendant, MCL42 134Florentine Leaf Lamp, SLB39 55 Ivy Shadow Chandelier with Chain, Large, MCL37LC 136 Miro Pumpkin Chandelier, MCL33 138Cocoon Side Table, CST45 .160 Flynn Caged Floor Lamp, MFL31 .75 Ivy Shadow Chandelier, Small, MCL37S.135 Miro Side Table, Small, CST26S 163Coffee Bean Lamp, GLB08 .43 Flynn Caged Lamp, SLB53 .52 Jordan Wall Light, Large, TWL89L .95 Miro Wall Light, TWL47 .108Cologne Lamp, GLB49 .36 Flynn Caged Stairwell Lantern, MCL16 144 Jordan Wall Light, Small, TWL89S 95 Monty Junior Wall Light, TWL117JNR.86Compton Chandelier, MCL65.127Flynn Caged Wall Light, TWL38 .110 Kelly Floor Lamp, MFL32 75 Monty Senior Wall Light, TWL117SNR 86 Conrad Lamp, CLB45 17 Flynn Lantern, MCL15 .145 Kinetic Lamp, SLB5551 Motu Lamp, SLB43 45 Constance Lamp, VLB60 63 Flynn Wall Light, Small, TWL24S .111 Lartigue Wall Light, Small, TWL27S .111 Motu Floor Lamp, MFL48 71Constance Mirror, WM45 .178 Flynn Wall Light, Large, TWL24L .112 Laurel Mirror, WM24 184 Mushroom Mirror, WM37 181Constellation Wall Light, TWL109 .89 Gabo Ceiling Light, Small, MCL35S .137 Lava Lamp, GLB40 37 Mussel Shell Mirror, WM35 182206 207'