b'S SP 1 SHISHA LAMP CLB34 1 HUSK LAMP CLB31 PM MA AL L C HEIGHT 435mm171 / 4 HEIGHT 465mm181 / 4 CI M WITH SHADE 730mm283 / 4 WITH SHADE 705mm273 / 4 I MA 3 WIDTH 245mm93 / 4 3 WIDTH 185mm71 / 4 AR WITH SHADE 355mm14 WITH SHADE 406mm16 RE EC CFINISHESBASE DIMENSIONS 1 Kingfisher with Brass collar/2 Reef/3 Butternut with 160mm (61 / 4 ) x 25mm (1)Brass collarFINISHES CONSTRUCTED FROM1 Odeta/2 Volcanic/3 Plaster White with New Bronze baseGlazed ceramic with brassCONSTRUCTED FROM NET WEIGHT2.7kg6lb Glazed ceramic with patinated brass and wood with decorative finishLAMPSHADE14 Bongo 14 x 111 / 2x 121 / 2 NET WEIGHT4.2kg91 / 4lb356mm x 292mm x 318mm LAMPSHADE16 Tall Cylinder MAX WATTAGE 1 x 100W 16 x 16 x 113 / 4406mm x 406mm x 299mm LAMP 1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE 220-240 VMAX WATTAGE 1 x 100WLAMP 1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE 220-240 V 2, Reef with Natural linen shadePorta Romana Limited 2, Volcanic with Oat linen shade Porta Romana Limited2 PUMPKIN LAMP CLB32 2 GRACE LAMP CLB29HEIGHT170mm63 / 4 HEIGHT480mm19 WITH SHADE390mm151 / 4 WITH SHADE813mm32 WIDTH175mm73 WIDTH225mm83 / 4WITH SHADE255mm10 WITH SHADE330mm13 BASE DIMENSIONS FINISHES160mm (61 / 4 ) x 20mm ( 3 / 4 )1 Plaster White/2 ToadFINISHES CONSTRUCTED FROM4 1 Citrine/2 Dusty Pink/3 Peacock Blue/4 Pigeon Grey/5 Ceramic with decorative finish and patinated brassStone with a choice of Perspex or New Bronze baseCustom finishes available NET WEIGHT1.8kg4 lb See page 11 for details LAMPSHADE10 BongoCONSTRUCTED FROM 10 x 8 x 95 Glazed ceramic with patinated brass with Perspex or wood 254mm x 203mm x 229mmwith decorative finishMAX WATTAGE1 x 40W NET WEIGHT2.2kg43 / 4lb LAMPSHADE13 Top Hat LAMP1 x 470lm (4.5w) LED E27 Golf13 x 13 x 131 / 2VOLTAGE220-240 V330mm x 330mm x 343mmMAX WATTAGE1 x 100WLAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE220-240 V1, Plaster White with Oat Linen shadePorta Romana Limited 1. Citrine with Chalk linen shade Porta Romana Limited22 23'