b'S SP 1 BAOBAB LAMP CLB21 1 SYBIL LAMP CLB10 PM MA AL L C HEIGHT450mm173 / 4 HEIGHT450mm173 / 4 CI M WITH SHADE740mm291 / 4 WITH SHADE850mm331 / 2 I MA 2 WIDTH240mm91 / 23 WIDTH260mm101 / 4 AR WITH SHADE381mm15 WITH SHADE406mm16 RE EC CFINISHESBASE DIMENSIONS 1 Plaster White/2 Quail/3 Sulphur/4 Toad165mm (61 / 2 ) x 25mm (1) 4 CONSTRUCTED FROMFINISHES Glazed ceramic or ceramic with decorative finish and1 Black/2 Paprika with New Bronze base/3 Stone with Mayan patinated brass Gold baseCustom finishes available NET WEIGHT3.3kg71 / 4lb See page 11 for details LAMPSHADE15 Bajan FezCONSTRUCTED FROM 15 x 14 x 123 / 4 Glazed ceramic with patinated brass and wood with 381mm x 356mm x 324mmdecorative finishALTERNATIVE SHADE16 Tall Cylinder NET WEIGHT3.5kg73 / 4lbMAX WATTAGE1 x 100W LAMPSHADE16 Bajan Fez 16 x 15 x 131 / 2LAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS406mm x 381mm x 343mm VOLTAGE220-240 V MAX WATTAGE1 x 100W LAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE220-240 V 3, Sulphur with gathered Natural linen shade with Vole trim Porta Romana Limited 2, Paprika with Natural linen shade Porta Romana Limited1 BOUBL LAMP CLB11HEIGHT 280mm11 WITH SHADE 525mm203 / 4WIDTH 302mm12 WITH SHADE 406mm16FINISHES 1 Eucalyptus/2 Reactive MossCONSTRUCTED FROM Glazed ceramic and patinated brassNET WEIGHT4.5kg10lbLAMPSHADE16 Straight Oval 16 x 10 x 91 / 2406mm x 254mm x 241mmMAX WATTAGE 1 x 100WLAMP 1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE 220-240 V 2, Reactive Moss with Manilla silk shade Porta Romana Limited24 25'