b'2 CARDINAL LAMP GLB72 SMALL METEOR LAMP GLB68SAPPROXIMATE HEIGHT420mm161 / 2 APPROXIMATE HEIGHT325mm123 / 4WITH SHADE700mm271 / 2 WITH SHADE615mm241 / 43 WIDTH210mm81 / 4 WIDTH230mm9 WITH SHADE406mm16 WITH SHADE355mm14FINISHESFINISHES 1 Kelp/2 Sea Foam with Brass/3 Nickel collar Burnt ToffeeCONSTRUCTED FROMCONSTRUCTED FROM Blown glass with turned brass or nickel plated brass Blown glass and bronze patinated brassDESIGNERS NOTE NET WEIGHT6.8kg15lb Due to the nature of the finish, each piece will have its own individual markingsLAMPSHADE 16 Tall Cylinder S SP 16 x 16 x 113 / 4 NET WEIGHT5.4kg12lb PM 406mm x 406mm x 299mmMA LAMPSHADE14 BongoAL MAX WATTAGE 1 x 100W14 x 111 / 2x 121 / 2 L ASS ASSLAMP 1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS356mm x 292mm x 318mm VOLTAGE 220-240 V L MAX WATTAGE1 x 100W LG GLAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE220-240 V 1, Kelp with Brass collar and Ghost silk linen shadePorta Romana Limited Burnt Toffee with Husk linen shadePorta Romana LimitedPRISM LAMP GLB71 2 HEDGEHOG LAMP GLB67APPROXIMATE HEIGHT525mm203 / 4 APPROXIMATE HEIGHT200mm73 / 4WITH SHADE890mm35WITH SHADE370mm141 / 2WIDTH145mm53 / 4 WIDTH185mm71 / 4WITH SHADE432mm17 WITH SHADE185mm71 / 4 FINISHESFINISHES Clear Clear with 1 Gold/2 Silver collarCONSTRUCTED FROM CONSTRUCTED FROMBlown and moulded glass and composite collar with Blown and moulded glass with nickel plated brass decorative finishNET WEIGHT6.5kg141 / 4lb NET WEIGHT3.4kg71 / 2lbLAMPSHADE 17 BongoLAMPSHADE7 Top Hat 17 x 14 x 151 / 4 7 x 7 x 8 432mm x 356mm x 387mm178mm x 178mm x 203mm ALTERNATIVE SHADE18 Cylinder MAX WATTAGE1 x 40WMAX WATTAGE 1 x 100WLAMP1 x 806lm (4.5w) LED Golf Ball LAMP 1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLSVOLTAGE220-240 V VOLTAGE 220-240 V Clear with Natural linen shadePorta Romana Limited 1, Clear with Gold collar and Bone linen shadePorta Romana Limited30 31'