b'1 COLOGNE LAMP GLB49 1 LAVA LAMP GLB40APPROXIMATE HEIGHT220mm83 / 4 APPROXIMATE HEIGHT310mm121 / 4WITH SHADE490mm191 / 2 WITH SHADE600mm233 / 43 WIDTH320mm123 / 4 2 WIDTH190mm71 / 2WITH SHADE406mm16WITH SHADE305mm12 FINISHESFINISHES 1 Charcoal with Very Decayed Silver/2 Olive/3 Fawn/1 Aubergine/2 Charcoal/3 Clear/4 Honey/ 4 Cayenne with Decayed Gold collar5 Olive/6 Cayenne with choice of nickel or brass detail 34 Custom collar finishes availableCONSTRUCTED FROM See page 11 for details Blown glass with choice of brass, bronze or nickel plated brass detailCONSTRUCTED FROM Blown glass and cast composite collar with decorative finishNET WEIGHT8.5kg183 / 4lb4S NET WEIGHT11.6kg253 / 4lb SP LAMPSHADE12 African FezPM LAMPSHADE16 Straight Oval12 x 11 x 111 / 4 MA 305mm x 279mm x 286mmAL 16 x 10 x 91 / 2 ALTERNATIVE SHADE 12 Top HatL406mm x 254mm x 241mm ASS ASS5 MAX WATTAGE1 x 100W MAX WATTAGE1 x 100WL LG LAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLSGLAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLSVOLTAGE220-240 VVOLTAGE220-240 V2, Olive with Decayed Gold collar and Natural linen shadePorta Romana Limited 6, Cayenne with Natural linen shadePorta Romana Limited2 PEAR LAMP GLB45 2 SMALL AVOCADO LAMP GLB33SAPPROXIMATE HEIGHT330mm13 APPROXIMATE HEIGHT510mm20WITH SHADE615mm241 / 4WITH SHADE890mm35WIDTH140mm51 / 2WIDTH320mm121 / 2 WITH SHADE279mm11WITH SHADE430mm17FINISHES FINISHES1 Charcoal/2 Pearl Blue with a choice of nickel or brass detail1 Charcoal with Very Decayed Silver/2 Assam with Decayed Gold. Left and Right options availableCONSTRUCTED FROM Custom collar finishes availableBlown glass with choice of brass, bronze or nickel plated brass detailSee page 11 for detailsCONSTRUCTED FROMNET WEIGHT4.5kg10lbBlown and moulded glass and cast composite leafwith decorative finish LAMPSHADE11 Top Hat 11 x 11 x 111 / 2NET WEIGHT7.5kg161 / 2lb 279mm x 279mm x 292mmMAX WATTAGE1 x 100WLAMPSHADE17 Fez 17 x 16 x 151 / 4432mm x 406mm x 387mmLAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE220-240 V MAX WATTAGE1 x 100WLAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE220-240 V 1, Charcoal with Very Decayed Silver and Warm Grey satin shadePorta Romana Limited 1, Charcoal with Ghost silk linen shadePorta Romana Limited36 37'