b'DANSEUR LAMP VLB52 1 OLIVIER LAMP VLB12HEIGHT390mm151 / 4 HEIGHT1015mm40 WITH SHADE688mm27WIDTH235mm91 / 4WIDTH140mm51 / 2 2 WITH SHADE457mm18WITH SHADE305mm12BASE DIMENSIONS BASE DIMENSIONS230mm (9) x 160mm (61 / 2 ) x 15mm (1 / 2 )135mm (51 / 4 ) x 25mm (1)FINISHES FINISHES4 1 Bronzed/2 Burnt Silver/3 Versailles Gold/4 White GoldBronzed Custom finishes availableSee page 11 for detailsCONSTRUCTED FROMCONSTRUCTED FROM Cast composite with decorative finish Cast composite with decorative finishNET WEIGHT5kg11lb NET WEIGHT2.4kg51 / 4lbLAMPSHADE12 African FezLAMPSHADE18 Oval, with choice of12 x 11 x 111 / 4 Champagne, Pearl or Frosted305mm x 279mm x 286mmPerspex baffle ALTERNATIVE SHADE12 Top Hat18 x 11 x 16 x 10 x 9 457mm x 279mm x 406mmMAX WATTAGE1 x 100W x 254mm x 229mm MAX WATTAGE2 x 40W LAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE220-240 V LAMP2 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 Candle VOLTAGE220-240 VS S SP P PM M MA A AL L L L L LTA Bronzed with Pidgeon satin shadePorta Romana Limited TA 3, Versailles Gold with Putty silk shadePorta Romana Limited TAE E EM M MD/ 2 DUCK FEET LAMP VLB20 D/ MAN 1 & WOMAN 1 LAMPS D/E E ET T VLB05M/W TP P PL HEIGHT530mm203 / 4 L LU U UC WITH SHADE870mm341 / 4 C HEIGHT665mm261 / 4 CS WIDTH330mm13S WITH SHADE1000mm391 / 4 SWITH SHADE356mm14 WIDTH140mm51 / 2WITH SHADE305mm12FINISHES 1 Decayed Gold/2 Decayed Silver BASE DIMENSIONS Custom finishes available 135mm (51 / 4 ) x 10mm (1 / 2 )See page 11 for detailsFINISHES CONSTRUCTED FROMBronzedCast brass with decorative finishCONSTRUCTED FROM NET WEIGHT2.6kg53 / 4lb Cast composite with decorative finishLAMPSHADE14 Top HatNET WEIGHT1.8kg4lb14 x 14 x 141 / 2356mm x 356mm x 368mmLAMPSHADE12 Top Hat 12 x 12 x 121 / 2MAX WATTAGE1 x 100W 305mm x 305mm x 318mmLAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLSMAX WATTAGE1 x 100WVOLTAGE220-240 VLAMP1 x 806lm (7w) LED E27 GLS VOLTAGE220-240 V1, Decayed Gold with Admiral Blue duck feather shadePorta Romana Limited Bronzed with Putty silk shadePorta Romana Limited66 67'