b'2 HYDRA FLOOR LAMP MFL41 KELLY FLOOR LAMP MFL32HEIGHT1400mm55HEIGHT1835mm721 / 4WITH SHADE1695mm663 / 4 WIDTH520mm201 / 2WIDTH255mm10WITH SHADE680mm263 / 4 WITH SHADE375mm143 / 4 BASE DIMENSIONS BASE DIMENSIONS320mm (12) x 25mm (1)251mm (10) x 251mm (10) x 25mm (1)FINISHES FINISHESAntiqued Brass and Black1 Burnt Silver/2 French BrassCustom finishes availableDESIGNERS NOTE See page 11 for details The patination of this piece will naturally evolve over time See page 199 for more informationCONSTRUCTED FROM Steel and brass with decorative finish CONSTRUCTED FROM Steel and brass with patinated finishNET WEIGHT6kg131 / 4lbNET WEIGHT11.6kg251 / 2lb LAMPSHADE3 x 5 Tall CylinderLAMPSHADE2 x 5 Kelly Empire 5 x 5 x 113 / 4 5 x 4 x 10 127mm x 127mm x 299mm127mm x 102mm x 254mmMAX WATTAGE3 x 25W MAX WATTAGE2 x 25W LAMP2 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 Candle LAMP3 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 CandleVOLTAGE220-240 VVOLTAGE220-240 V1, Burnt Silver with Putty silk shadesPorta Romana Limited Antiqued Brass and Black with Natural linen shadesPorta Romana Limited1 TAPERING HARRAL FLOOR LAMP2 FLYNN CAGED FLOOR LAMP MFL31MFL37HEIGHT2000mm783 / 4HEIGHT1960mm771 / 4 WIDTH360mm141 / 4 2 WIDTH420mm161 / 2 3WITH SHADE559mm22 BASE DIMENSIONS 360mm (141 / 4 ) x 28mm (1)BASE DIMENSIONS S P M L 420mm (161 / 2 ) x 230mm (9) x 10mm (1 / 2 ) SFINISHES FINISHES1 Bronzed/2 Burnt Silver/3 Decayed Silver/ SA FTLEODO/RM ELTAAMLP1 Bronzed/2 Burnt Silver/3 French Brass 4 4 Gold/5 White Gold FCustom finishes availableCustom finishes availableP M A L R O LOSee page 11 for details See page 11 for detailsCONSTRUCTED FROMCONSTRUCTED FROM Forged steel with decorative finish Forged steel with decorative finish5NET WEIGHT12kg261 / 2lb NET WEIGHT15kg33lbP L U C SLAMPSHADE22 Tall Eye, supplied with choice LAMPSHADE16 Caged Cylinder of Champagne, Pearl or Frosted 16 x 16 x 10 Perspex baffle356mm x 356mm x 216mm 22 x 9 x 13 559mm x 229mm x 330mmMAX WATTAGE4 x 25W MAX WATTAGE2 x 40WLAMP4 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 Capsule LAMP2 x 350lm (3.5w) LED E14 CandleVOLTAGE220-240 VVOLTAGE220-240 V3, French Brass with Dove satin shadePorta Romana Limited 1, Bronzed with Putty silk shadePorta Romana Limited74 75'