b'2 LARGE LEAF WALL LIGHT TWL91L 1 2 SMALL JORDAN WALL LIGHT TWL89SHEIGHT1390mm543 / 4WIDTH180mm7HEIGHT85mm31 / 4355mm 1035mm 361mm 14mmPROJECTION110mm41 / 4WIDTH85mm31 / 4PROJECTION300mm113 / 4 BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS Fixing Point 42.5mmDiameter 120mm (43 / 4 ) BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS Technical data sheet available H 85mm (31 / 4 ) x W 85mm (31 / 4 )Fixing Point Fixing PointTechnical data sheet availableFINISHES 1 Cosmic Gold/2 Cosmic SilverFINISHES 42.5mm 42.5mm 42.5mmLeft (pictured) and Right versions available 1 Antiqued Brass/2 Bronze/3 NickelDESIGNERS NOTEDESIGNERS NOTE Left and Right options are not mirrored identically, pleaseThe patination of this piece will naturally evolve over time refer to website See page 199 for more informationCONSTRUCTED FROMCONSTRUCTED FROM Forged steel with decorative finish Patinated or nickel plated brassNET WEIGHT4.5kg10lbNET WEIGHT0.5kg1lb MAX WATTAGE 4 x 25W MAX WATTAGE 1 x 1.2WLAMP 4 x 300lm (3w) LED G9 CapsuleLAMP LED supplied fitted VOLTAGE 220-240 V VOLTAGE 3.7 V fitted with externaldriver, suitable for directmains connection(220-240V) Unsuitable for dimmer system1, Cosmic GoldPorta Romana Limited 3, NickelPorta Romana LimitedCHLOE WALL LIGHT TWL90 1 3 LARGE JORDAN WALL LIGHTTWL89LHEIGHT375mm143 / 4WIDTH175mm7HEIGHT85mm31 / 4PROJECTION65mm21 / 2WIDTH85mm31 / 4PROJECTION400mm153 / 4 BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS H 375mm (143 / 4 ) x W 175mm (7) BACKPLATE DIMENSIONS H 85mm (31 / 4 ) x W 85mm (31 / 4 )Technical data sheet availableTechnical data sheet availableFINISHES Perspex with Nickel FINISHES 1 Antiqued Brass/2 Bronze/3 NickelCONSTRUCTED FROMDESIGNERS NOTE Patinated or nickel plated brass and Perspex The patination of this piece will naturally evolve over time See page 199 for more informationNET WEIGHT2.8kg61 / 4lb CONSTRUCTED FROM MAX WATTAGE 3.4W Patinated or nickel plated brassLAMP LED strips supplied fittedNET WEIGHT0.5kg1lb VOLTAGE 24 V fitted with external driver. Suitable for direct MAX WATTAGE 1 x 1.2WS P M A Fixing Pointmains connection (220-240V) Unsuitable for dimmer system LAMP LED supplied fitted VOLTAGE 3.7 V fitted with externaldriver, suitable for directG TAHLT SL H TS Gmains connection(220-240V) Unsuitable for dimmer systemLEI I LADL/LME B-TWL90 - LED strips supplied fittedL LT PW L U C S WANickelPorta Romana Limited 2, BronzePorta Romana Limited94 95'